Our Activity Group's First picnic

Our Activity Group's First picnic
Vardhaman City

Friday, 15 April 2011

Eating At unknown food joints

The recent story about the Pani Puri wala peeing in the vessel he used to serve people in send shivers down my spine. Imagine the levels to which people stoop. What made him do that I wonder But more that that i wonder what must be the reaction of the people who would be regulars visiting him and enjoying his piece of filthy creation. Above all the fact lies that today Mumbaites are no more sleeping but are raising their voice against non sense ...... I am very happy for the fact that some of us are alert and aware about the happenings around. But one thing is for sure I am myself going to be very cautious eating at the famous Kau Gully near my house.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Our Activity Class this Saturday

This Saturday we were at Mumtaz's house for the activity class she had organised a very good session of carpentry for the kids where kids did various things from wood and larnt about the instruments of a carpenter. Maanav was very pleased with the circle time. I am planning to start a blog where you can post your recepies also. That is going to be very interesting... I AM SURE

Monday, 21 March 2011

Eating Right is very important

I have come accross this frend who recommends drinking 3 liters of water, drinking lime water, green tea and eating less to stay fit and healthy. I m gonna try to follow it to the core and let's see if i can adapt to it. But having an ideal weight and maintaining it is a very important issue which most of my friends are facing.Now lets see how much weight i can maintain and i hope for the best

Saturday, 19 March 2011


Holi is a festival of Colours and the children love it. We attended the class at jyoti's house where she did a wonderful activity with the kids filled with information, shlokas, story and not to the holi puja. i am recommending the site which has similar stories about our culture
pls read out the stories to your children

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

something you must read about

Hey friends did u read the article in today's mumbai mirror about parent's and children's issues..... i know we have a long way to go i mean i m sure our kids are too small but we must start preparing ourselves from now itself about the changes which are to come i m also trying to put the url of the site which has the article please see if u can view it.
An 11-year-old student of Holy Family School in Ulhasnagar committed suicide on Tuesday afternoon after her mother had read her diaries in which she had written about her friendship with a classmate. Enraged, her mother had gone to school on Tuesday morning to complain....


Monday, 14 March 2011

About the blog.

this blog is started by me on demand from my friends from the Saturday Activity Group and ofcourse the other friends who are not the part of the activity group. here i am going to keep you all posted about all the activities we do in the class and other great ideas. Also i am going to include some great recepies...... yeah you'll be surprized to know i m a great cook too..... so pls view my blog for more fun.